Olga & Jordan

I've been in many weddings and have seen a lot of wedding photography...they're all the same. The difference with Robert is that he's actually a very talented artist, who luckily for all of us, also shoots weddings.

I came across Robert's website during my search for a wedding photographer, and found that he was the only one whose imagery was beautiful, romantic, and artistic without being cookie-cutter. I immediately thought that his services had to be out of our price range, but he turned out to be more reasonable than the local photographers.

I thought it was almost too good to be true...but Robert turned out to be our best vendor. He's extremely professional and easy to work with, and the photos we received exceeded our expectations. My parents keep telling me I need to submit them to some bridal magazine! Your wedding day goes by so fast, and it feels so great to know that we have this incredible collection of photos to always look back on to remember it by. We couldn't be more grateful!

Michelle and Joe

Thank you Robert! He did an incredible job with our wedding. As the other glowing reviews show, he is professional, communicative, and extremely reasonable for the quality he offers, in terms of price point (for our area especially). His work clearly emphasizes an artistically romantic esthetic, which we appreciated. 

We couldn't recommend him more highly! You would be lucky to hire him, particularly if you value art and beauty (subjective, I know) over more cliched wedding photography styles.

Claire & Gyi

I couldn't have been more happy with our engagement and wedding pictures! Robert's talent is truly something spectacular. He was able to capture some of the most beautiful and sincere moments, all while making everything easy and enjoyable. He is easy to work with, punctual, responsible, and extremely detail oriented. 

I will never forget our engagement session. It was 17 degrees out in early November. After about 30 minutes, my husband and I had to call it quits. We were frozen! Robert trooped through the bitter cold with us and assured me he got the shots. Boy, did he ever! I am so grateful to have such a special time in our lives captured by such beautiful photos. 

The amount of compliments I have received on all of our pictures is pretty incredible, and they keep coming! I would recommend Robert as a wedding photographer over and over again! Thank you, Robert!

Sarah & Rob

Robert was amazing; professional, easy to get along with, and his photography is GORGEOUS. He made the colors pop (red being the main color), made our pale skin like porcelain, and caught the light perfectly from the afternoon through to the sunset. I would highly suggest him for your wedding if you're looking for a photographer - though he is by no means cheap. I think with photography you get what you pay for - and I'm overjoyed with what I got: Tons of excellent photos and the memories they bring of our special day.

The other thing to note; I did all my wedding planning from overseas and Robert was great to communicate with, responded immediately (almost always same day) and made the process simple and accessible. If he's not in the same state (or country in my case), don't worry one bit because he'll make it easy on you. 

Overall, I would HIGHLY recommend him and I would hire him again in a heartbeat.

Charmaine & Wojtek

I heard about Robert from a classmate who had gotten married a year before us. She said that she had flown Robert out to Massachusetts for her wedding. After she said that, I was thinking he must be a good photographer if she flew him out to the Boston area where the choice of wedding photographers is plenty. She sent me a link to her photos and the most characteristic quality of Robert's photos were the candid shots he was able to take of the guests. While looking through her pictures, I felt like I was laughing and crying with the people in the photographs. I got his information and booked Robert without looking at any other photographers. I had no problems booking him since I contacted him 12 months before my wedding. The booking process was streamlined and all done through email. It was easy with no complications. He has multiple packages that include the originals and a photo book of 120 of your favorite photos. He arrived on time on my wedding day and was the perfect wallflower capturing every special moment of our day. Sweet, professional, and talented. We love our pictures.

Shannon & Darin

Darin & I were married in New Orleans in October. When we found our wedding venue the first thing our wedding venue coordinator suggested was taking a look at her recommendations for photographers. Robert was one of the first photographers I looked into and I was completely obsessed with his photography. Even though we did have a wedding we aren't very traditional in the wedding photography sense and I knew from looking over his past weddings that he would capture our moments perfectly. He truly captures the spirit of his subjects. Our photos are gorgeous and I have only Robert to thank. He is the consummate professional and provided great feedback and information along the way. A lot of our shots were candid but even our posed photos felt and looked so natural. We decided to wed in New orleans because of our great love for the city and it's culture. The vibe we love about the city is alive and well in Robert's photos. My family, friends and I could not be happier with the results. 

Robert was always quick to respond, direct and very clear with his services. When planning a wedding you deal with a lot of different people and by far Robert was the most organized and professional person we hired to help us on our wedding day. I can't recommend him enough.

Aubree & Mike

We couldn't be more pleased with our wedding photos! Robert did a beautiful job capturing the spirit of the day; we feel like we’re reliving it every time we look at the photos, which we do often. We compare the feeling we get to the scene in "Love Actually" when Peter is too embarrassed to show Juliet her wedding video because the footage clearly shows he’s in love with her – it’s as if all of our wedding photos were captured by a far off admirer – catching us in our happiest, most emotion and loving moments. We don’t have a single photo that doesn't capture our candid bliss that that day.

Lyra & Filip

We are beyond ecstatic with the photos we received from our June wedding in the Outer Banks (OBX) of North Carolina. We spent a ton of time searching online from our home in the DC area for a photographer and we were disappointed with the inflated prices for wedding vendors in the OBX area and the lack of talent for the money. We then came upon an ad for Robert's work and at first we thought we would NEVER be able to afford him if it included travel! When we realized his prices were very competitive with vendors in the OBX area AND his travel prices were included in the cost we immediately jumped to book him. 

We have absolutely no regrets about choosing him as our photographer. He was able to get me (the bride) to feel at ease and finally relax during our photo shoot on the beach following our ceremony. He gave great direction and his prompts resulted in photos that showed movement, emotion, and intimacy all without being "too cheesy" and staged which is something I have always disliked in many other photographers' work. He also captured amazing scenery, decorations and details shots and general setting photos as well as all of the requisite group family photos. There are also so many great candid shots of family members and friends at our wedding and reception. I have been getting requests non-stop for copies of the photos from my guests who love the candid shots they were caught in.

Several close friends and family members who are either amateur or professional photographers themselves who are blown away by his work. He is worth every penny! I could go on and on but I have to get back to choosing photos for our wedding album which is proving to be quite difficult because we love every single one. As many others reviews have stated, he truly is an artist and that is what sets him aside from the majority of other wedding photographers.

Lauren Williams

Robert's work is simply beautiful. Taylor and Miles wedding photos look like a magazine spread. We were reluctant to hire Robert at first because he was not local to the area. We should not have worried. He captured the remarkable essence of the low country, the excitement of the wedding party & guests and the spirit of the day. He was so unobtrusive that most often we didn't even realize that he was around. The photos are amazing & we have received so many compliments (even from friends who are professional photographers, themselves.) Robert - I hope you will want to come to Austin for another daughter! Thank you so much for sharing your talent with us. M.O.B.

Mary & Jose Esqueda

Jose and I worked with Robert for both of our engagement and Wedding Photos and are beyond ectatic with his work. Robert was a complete pleasure to work with and very professional. His photographs are simply stunning and speak for themselves but we cannot be happier with the beautiful results. We interviewed several photographers and were ectatic when Robert was available and willing to travel to Los Angeles for our day. His images are so different from the typical wedding photography and he has a truly artistic and unique style and vision in his work. Not only are the pictures precious to us because they captured such na important day, but we have received so many compliments and inquiries from others who simply admire the beauty of our photographs. We highly recommend Robert for gorgeous and timeless photographs.

Vincent and Jessica Bryant

This is long, long overdue. Jessica and I were married in Charleston, South Carolina last October. I happened across Robert's website in doing some preliminary searches for wedding photographers in the area. In a stroke of what can only be called blind luck, Robert popped up, and I took a moment to look at his work. I was immediately enchanted. He arrived promptly day of and set straight to work; amidst what seemed to me at the time to be a good deal of chaos, he was collected, purposeful, and creative. The entire day, he was all around us, but completely unobtrusive. He was friendly and courteous as well, making himself known to our small, intimate group of thirty loved ones. When it was time for him to steal the two of us away for our main photo stint, he was all business. He knew what we wanted. More importantly, he knew what *he* wanted. I will admit, being the pig-headed know-it-all that I am, I was a little concerned that maybe we weren't getting the best shots, that the things he had us doing were too choreographed, too controlled. I was, and am, utterly incorrect. Everything he did, every decision he made, came through in total clarity when we received the photographs. There were over six hundred, by the way, meaning that Robert averaged one photograph per minute for over ten straight hours. Not just photos snapped--keepers. Memories. Honestly, I'm getting a little emotional just writing about it. I also want to make it clear that as effusive as this review is, I'm not overdoing it. I don't want it to sound contrived. I really am - we both are - blown away by how incredible the pictures are. Before the wedding, before I found Robert, I thought we'd just put an ad out for a local art student and pay her a few hundred bucks to follow us around. Save some money. Needless to say, that would have been a tragic misstep: an opportunity squandered. Robert immortalized our wedding and reception in a way I can't measure. I'd have happily paid double had I known he was going to surpass my already lofty expectations. Whatever it is you're doing, if you need a photographer and you've read this missive, hire Robert. Hire him, and thank yourself for it. Lots of people take pictures and call themselves photographers. Robert is an artist. End of story.

Liz + Reid

We utilized Robert for both our engagement and wedding photos - having worked with him for our engagement session, we were extremely comfortable with Robert and were prepared for his style of photography. We are in love with our photos and felt they captured the day beautifully. Robert is professional, personable and makes sure to get all of the special shots without intruding or making his presence known. We really appreciated his photojournalistic style throughout the wedding day, but also liked that he was flexible in getting all of our necessary family/friends shots.

We whole heartily recommend Robert for your wedding or special event!

Tallin & David

Robert perfectly captured the special moments of our wedding. He was such a pleasure to work with, and immediately made both my husband and I feel comfortable and relaxed. He showed up to the venue early to scope out the best spots for our first look, wedding party photos, etc, and we really didn't have to worry about a thing! Even after looking through all of the galleries on his site (multiple times!), when we received our wedding photos our minds were blown. The amount of talent he has to capture the happiness and joy of the day, along with the touching and tender moments.. we love re-living our favorite day through these photos! 

I spent a crazy amount of hours researching photographers in the upstate NY area (we got married in Lake Placid), and would hire Robert again in a heartbeat. If you are looking for a wedding photographer, we 100% recommend Robert - you will not regret it. We are forever thankful to Robert for so beautifully capturing our most special day. We sincerely appreciate it.


Robert, Your pictures are amazing! I especially love the bird and groom under the oak trees with spinach moss hanging down over them. You really have an eye for the fine arts :)

Rachelle and Matthew

Roberts pictures are amazing. They truly captured moments that we'll never forget. His eye for for detail, light and composition is tip top. We're so grateful that we picked Robert for our wedding even without meeting him first. He flew to Santa Barbara for the weekend and met us on the day of. We were delightfully pleased by his pictures that will live on in our memories. The fact that Robert captures precious moments in a soulful way makes him one of the best. Thank you Robert.

Susy & Jason

Finding Robert was a rare treat. He traveled all the way to Cape Cod, and even arrived a day early to scout locations. We ran into him outside the church during our rehearsal. I was so impressed with his professionalism and friendly demeanor.

Robert's photos of our wedding were everything I hoped they would be after viewing all the beautiful galleries featured on his website. I want people to look at the photos and get a sense of what it felt like to be at the wedding — the light, the details — and Robert's images do just that. I hope our children look at them someday and can share those moments with us as we experienced them, and as Robert captured them. 

Robert made it easy to deal with contracts and handle payment through PayPal. And, he was very accommodating to us and our guests on the wedding day. I would whole-heartedly work with him again. 

Emma Oding

Robert is amazing! I spent a lot of time trying to choose the right photographer for our big day, and despite having researched numerous other photographers, I kept finding my way back to Robert's website. I am so glad that he was my final choice! He was completely professional throughout the entire process, and showed a sincere interest in capturing our big day the way that we wanted it captured. The pictures are beautiful and his creativity really shines through. I couldn't be happier with the photos he took for my husband & I!


It feels like I was at the wedding ...

And I'm just looking at the pictures through the computer,

Amazing pictures, just like being there ...

Amazing Photo ...

Good luck :)

Vera + Todd

Wow! What a day it was and what great memories Robert helped us keep! We went back to these amazing photos a thousand times already (and just received the photos a day ago!), and still cannot get enough. Robert had far surpassed our expectations with the attention to detail, ability to understand how crazy weddings are and to accommodate us in any way. We are so thankful for the great experience. I will recommend to anyone to reach out to Robert, he is a genius! Every photo deserves to be on front pages of the highest profile magazines. Truly stunning!! THANK YOU ROBERT!!!

Corey & Kim

Robert played a big part in our special day and we are so appreciative! We both agreed that photos weren't one of the things we wanted to compromise on and we weren't disappointed. Neither of us were big on staged photos, and Robert's photojournalist style was a perfect match for us. Robert was very responsive to all of our questions and requests and we were confident going in to our wedding day that the photographer wasn't something we had to worry about. We had a "destination" wedding and didn't meet Robert in person until the wedding day and everything worked out wonderfully! We can't put in to words how thankful we are to have these beautiful, timeless images from Robert to forever portray our wedding day! Much thanks!

Lisa & Derek

It's been two days since we've received our wedding photos from Robert and we find ourselves looking at them over and over again. Each time we notice fine nuances Robert captured on our wedding day. The colors, compositions, and the subtle play between shadow and light were captured beautifully in each photograph - we are mesmerized. 

Robert is a wonderfully talented artist with the added qualities of professionalism and reliability. We are thrilled to have worked with him. We wanted candid journalistic style photos of our wedding day and Robert gave us photographs that wonderfully captured the candid moments of happiness. We felt at ease the entire evening while he quietly snapped away. We are so happy and will cherish these priceless photos forever.

Allison & Peter

After seeing Robert's work, I was so excited to book him for both our engagement and wedding. And as I suspected, our photos are priceless and absolutely stunning! He was a pleasure to work with, and helped guide us and our rather large wedding party to capture some really great, natural-looking shots. It's just amazing what he captures with his camera; Robert is a true artist. He knows how to uniquely compose and capture the moment and the atmosphere (without you even realizing he's there half the time!), and with that he creates a beautiful story and a beautiful work of art. We can't thank him enough.

Marco and Meghan

Robert did a great job at our wedding! His images are beautiful, artistic, and unique-he was able to capture so many wonderful details of the wedding. Most importantly, he captured moments, times when we didn’t realize that we were being photographed and those turned out to be our favorites! Robert is creative, dependable and an overall pleasure to work with- we would highly recommend him!


lovely story telling. I like your wedding photos. Beautiful

Angela and Jason Scanlon

As I bride who procrastinated on choosing a photographer, I am happy to say thatmy search paid off and I didn't just settle on the first one that was recommended. When I found Robert and looked through his work, I knew that he was the right choice. His images are amazing and we couldn't be happier with the photos from our wedding. Charleston and Magnolia Plantation provided an amazing backdrop and Robert captured the day and gorgeous scenery beautifully. We could not be happier with the finished product.

Thank you to Robert to being so professional, patient, and talented. Everytime I look through our photos I am immediately transported back to that amazing day and relive every wonderful moment all over again!

With kindest regards and the best recommendation!

Cassie & Kevin Lopina

Both my husband and I are not the type of people who like having our pictures taken...in fact we considered not even getting a photographer for our wedding. I am so glad we changed our minds! Robert is a phenomenal photographer. His pictures capture the emotions that are happening at the wedding and are not at all posed and cheesy. He is an incredible artist that will make you look amazing on your big day. His ability to take such great shots and move around unnoticed is a remarkable talent. I have gotten compliments from everyone I know about my pictures, that look beautiful clear and bright although it was a rainy, dark day! If you want a friendly photographer who will capture all the moments, both big and small, on your big day....you have found your photographer! THANK YOU!!!!!!

Clare Storck & Josh Danoff

We were so pleased with Robert as our photographer not only did he catch all the details, but so many details around our wedding site. He was great to work with and I knew I could count on him. His artistic eye made the photos that much richer, I would recommend him to any of my friends getting married!!

Emily & Jeff


Thank you so much for being our photographer at our wedding. Your images are beautiful, unique, and artistic, all of which we will treasure very much for the rest of our lives! You were an amazing person to work with on our wedding day and we wish you the very best!

Meagan & Greg

We love our wedding photographs and would highly recommend Robert. He was fun and flexible and truly captured our day!

Sarah Johnson

I knew I would love the pictures Robert would take but once I actually saw them I was so amazed! He took amazing photos and was so flexible and great to work with. He made the picture taking process soo less stressful. He knew the exact poses for us to do and they turned out great. He was on time, flexible with the locations and time frame we had, and took a variety of pictures of not only the wedding party but architecture and other guests as well. I would highly recommend Robert to anyone! In fact I already have :)

sarah cromell..Mother-of-the-bride

Your photography is true art.You nailed it!!

Jessica Skinner

Robert was fantastic! He captured so many amazing details and personal moments without being intrusive at all. His pictures are so unique, definitely not overly posed, never cheesy. My husband and I will always treasure these photographs; we're so lucky that we found Robert.

Elizabeth Morgan

Robert was the perfect photographer, he was professional, prompt, very friendly, and most importantly, his pictures are beautiful. We couldn't be happier with the quality of our pictures and would recommend him to anyone who wants great pictures!

Kaitlin Walters

Robert was everything we were looking for in a photographer. The pictures he took were amazing; we have received so many compliments on them. He definitely has an eye for what looks good, and his editing skills are just awesome. I love the filters he used on our photographs, but also appreciated the fact that he provided us with the original photo as well. But even more than his skills was his demeanor during our session. We felt a little anxious at awkward in the beginning, but Robert's calm and easy-going attitude put us at ease almost immediately. He is just great to work with. Thank you!!

Mark & Emily Smith

Robert took wonderful pictures and made it look easy doing it! I just recieved my wedding album today and I am so pleasantly suprised with the beauty of these them. I will suggest Robert to any friends and family. 

Thank you for capturing such beautiful memories. God bless!!

Hillary Muzykewicz

Robert did a spectacular job I will definitely recommend him to all my friends The pictures he took are phenomenal. His photography is truly amazing - we couldnt be happier with our photos

Thank you Robert

Michael T. Davis

We were floored when we saw the photos. Perfect. We feel like movie stars now. And I already have people asking for Roberts phone number.

We couldnt have asked for anything better Thanks.

The Rajkovichs

Robert did a fantastic job on our Wedding photos. He takes his time and carefully turns his photos into art. We are very happy with his work and are lucky to have such beautiful Wedding photos for the rest of our lives.

Many Thanks


these photos are wonderfully refreshing. i'm totally into the perspective you spin into the artwork, my breath is literally taken away by most of them.


Robert is an amazing photographer His professionalism, his creativity, and his naturally sweet, patient and kind personality was so great to work with. He has far exceeded our expectations in every way. And believe me, I have high expectations He has an incredible eye and managed to capture many perfect moments, like the moment my husbands tear was ready to drop from his eye Amazing He is an excellent communicator and has been very accommodating and willing to work with our specific needs. The packaging and presentation of the finished discs is so well done. We feel so happy we chose him. We highly recommend him

Thank you Robert

Shere and Justin

Our wedding photos were absolutely stunning

My husband and I highly recommend Robert. From the start, Robert was professional and responded to all my emails promptly. 

Robert was able to capture every aspect of our wedding and he provided both traditional and amazing contemporary photos. Throughout the wedding, he was always accommodating and we even had guests compliment how nice he was.

We can't thank you enough Robert We love every photo they are all simply breathtaking

Brittany and Dino Nakos

I am sooooo glad I stumbled upon Robert while looking for a wedding photographer online... he turned out to be an absolutely fabulous one I fell in love with his style and creativity immediately once looking through the pictures on his website. Robert is so sweet - what a pleasure to work with Upon our first meeting I could tell that this was a true PASSION for him...that sealed the deal for me and my husband - during that initial meeting we made sure we booked him right then and there And of course our wedding photos turned out beautiful Not only does he have an eye for this, but the time he takes to edit the photos afterward really up the wow factor.

Thank You Robert

richard farrell

Thank you for the fabulous job you did at my daughters wedding. Brittany Farrell.

The pix were stunning. More than we could have expected.

Thank you

F. Amari

A A A ... Excellent work, creative, reliable. My wife and I loved Roberts work and would highly recommend him to any couple looking for a superb work of art. He's very creative on the scene and in post editing. Robert should be working for GQ or Hollywood. Photos were delivered in timely fashion. Please check out his photo galleries.


Going into our wedding, my wife and I were probably most anxious about the photography.

We wanted someone that could get both the conventional family portraits the inlaws would like, as well as a few more artistic or unconventional shots for ourselves and friends.

In short, we wanted a photographer who could capture our wedding with a unique style.

Fortunately, Robert put our fears to rest. I cannot imagine a better wedding photographer to work with. He captured our big day beautifully, with an eye and style all his own. His photographs captured the joy and wonder of the day in a way that we could never have expected.

Both my wife and I are incredibly grateful. I cannot recommend Robert enough.